New era in Runtime intelligence

AppStatico is an essential software statistics service that helps software engineers radically change their approach to product development and maximize revenue. AppStatico provides detailed insight into usage analytics for both desktop and mobile applications.

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Get to know your user closer

  • Get detailed statistical data about your audience, learn about their geography and what OS your users prefer.
  • Know how your product is used, frequency and duration of usage sessions, what features are used most and what features are not so evident to your users.
  • Track your user’s journey from installation to purchase, the journey’s duration and what factors make the user register.

Analyze and improve

  • Get the data directly from your users, be the first in your segment to address their needs.
  • Create your software as you see it, analyze with AppStatico, make your software better - iterate this cycle and multiply your income.

Increase your conversion

  • Develop features that are in demand, put emphasis on them with the help of UI, improve usability of your product.
  • Get rid of the unnecessary - old OS support, unpopular features and options.
  • Improve your monetization model - make your product usable, maximize your income through in-demand features.
Simple and easy-to-implement API.
Customizable online reports.
Open source module to integrate into your software product that guarantees security and full control over data being transferred.
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AppStatico is coming in 2020